A Year of 100 Books – 2017 (Part 1)

Reading is a habit I manically follow. Books have never disappointed me, as against everything in life. And this everything includes a Pizza. Yes. That too. I have often been called names on Social Media for this obsessive habit I have of posting about each book I read in the year. However, for every person... Continue Reading →

Dear o Dear

Dear o dear To have feared Was to never have lived near The stream of strength The locks of love The valleys of valour It was to have drowned The two In a loveless, luckless Careless pallor. Dear o child How so mild In manners and might? Why not fight Not for what is right... Continue Reading →

Love by Half

When your vanishing act Commences You coerce me into an oblivion. When your tongue turns Mute You strike dead the rebel in my words. When you decide to empty The wine glass You expose my inebriation to reality --- --- A torture of the worst kind. If only we could love by halves You at... Continue Reading →

Hello, Again!

Some are Springs of Regeneration, where along with Nature, everything stale and stagnant in you finds an effortless way of being weeded out. That period of stagnation holds its own worth, for it allows thoughts to ferment, ideas to crystallise and colours to re-emerge - all of them not necessarily for the better, but definitely... Continue Reading →

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