Aadat ho Haqeeqat bhi. You think it false When I say that all I care for Is you, and your pulse. When I think to care Means to be fair To you and to me. I'm used to you To the idea of blues Cherished sitting in your arms Wooed by your charms By the... Continue Reading →



We're both You and I Packets of conflict Which we've somehow learnt To package within The warm comfort Of chaos And cohabitation.   We're both You and I Starved Within our respective set ups Of repute and fulfilment The flakes of which erode As we dunk Head first In our tentative hooks of attachment.  ... Continue Reading →


I trapped smoke between the pages of a book And started calling it Our Book. I shut it tight Held firm within warmth of my palms And clasped it close To my heart Setting desires aflame Again. I open it once in a while To catch a whiff of your brand of cigarette. It keeps... Continue Reading →

Featured: “Warriors of Change”

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference. An initiative by Nikita Goel, it contains some beautiful narratives which will find resonance with anyone who goes about with... Continue Reading →


My thoughts meander In first person Through geometric patterns Woven with dreamy glow I am the centre of the culvert Which bends towards you And then disappears behind A foliage Of ugliest brown Vintage solitude. I am the incline Of the scale Which refuses to measure Your lengths In my breadths And the hypotenuse of... Continue Reading →

Found and Lost

I left my last poem Curled in the clasp Between my hesitation And your firmness --- ---it was the first time You had held my hand As something you wished to own And ink bled through my pen Into the raging blood stream Which throbbed through All I knew of my existence. *** The poem... Continue Reading →


Let lack of poetry Be your grace sometimes. Let lack of verbosity Be your blessing at times. Let lack of words Be a penance for now. Let lack of beauty Make you glow awhile. Day 2 of the National Poetry Month makes me ponder on why are we all writing so much, day in-day out.... Continue Reading →

Love by Half

When your vanishing act Commences You coerce me into an oblivion. When your tongue turns Mute You strike dead the rebel in my words. When you decide to empty The wine glass You expose my inebriation to reality --- --- A torture of the worst kind. If only we could love by halves You at... Continue Reading →

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