A writer by passion and profession, Saumya has made a name for herself as a Poet, Blogger, Editor and Translator. English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit literature are her active sites of engagement. She believes that a study of languages, words and alphabets is the only pursuit worth undertaking. Someday she would like to establish ‘etymology’ and ‘linguistics’ as independent religions.

She runs a poetry club in the city called Poets’ Collective, which has become popular as an informal platform to share heartfelt words. Started in September 2014, PC is the Sunday solace for many like her, who crave for a non-judgemental and warm atmosphere to let their most intimate expressions out. She is also the Co-Creator of PC’s blog, called The Other Quill. The team of Poets’ Collective also holds the World Record for hosting the first poetry congregation in a moving train (for an event conducted in Rapid Metro, Gurgaon.)

Saumya has founded Delhi’s only mythology club, called Maha Varta. The name is obviously a bad pun on the Mahabharata, but delves into almost all kinds of mythological, historical and philosophical concepts and texts from yore. Under the aegis of MV, Saumya also conducts multiple workshops and lectures in several places.

Her own (earlier) blog – Nascent Emissions – has attracted more than 4 million hits. This has been her zone for fearlessly and fervently expressing everything that manages to catch her heart. (Saumya also tried doing some food blogging by creating a platform called Napkin Chatter, but failed miserably.)

She is a guest teacher at IIIT Delhi, where she teaches English Poetry and Indian Mythology. Saumya conducts poetry and creative writing workshops and lectures in NGOs, schools and colleges. Her areas of interest include Classical Sanskrit Poetry and Drama, British Romantic Movement, Confessional Poetry, Post-Colonial Literature, Urdu Poetry and the Chhayavaad School of Poetry in Hindi. Indian English Poetry is the field is spending most time understanding now.

Saumya serves on the Editorial Board of Lapis Lazuli, a UGC approved international literary journal, as their Poetry Reviewer.

She has co-authored an academic text on Indian Heritage and Culture, which is a favourite with students studying for competitive examinations.

Saumya is the Consultant Curator for the Great Indian Film and Literature Festival. In the past, she is a part of the founding team of Kaafiya – Delhi’s own poetry festival. She has also served on the Organizing Committee of Kumaon Literary Festival – a one of its kind literary initiative in the country. She has featured on many panel discussions in several festivals discussing poetry and literature. The latest project up is a literary and film festival to be held in Bhopal later this year.

Her day job comprises of putting together the best content and communication strategies to impact school education positively. She teaches the nuances of communication to students of Shiv Nadar School, while working as their Associate Manager – Marketing and Branding.

She loves singing and is also a Voice Over Artist; you’ll occasionally find her lending her voice to some radio jingles too. Truly Madly, Bluestone Jewellery and Blender’s Pride are few of the brands she has had the good fortune of working with – for radio, TVC as well as digital adverts.

She has also lent her voice, both as a narrator and singer, to stage performances. Lore of Love and Nayika are two productions which she scripted and narrated, in conjunction with Guru Rashmi Khanna, the acclaimed Bharatnatyam danseuse. The third production, named ‘Aarohi’, was the latest to be staged to a tremendous audience response in CSOI Auditorium.

She debuted on Aakashwani’s GOS channels recently as an interviewer – one dream she had coming close to fruition!

Saumya is a social media enthusiast and has consulted for individuals, organizations and government projects in the past, to help them create effective digital strategies and presence. She has worked as Senior Content Strategist / Stylist for a year in Drizzlin Media, where she fine tuned her skills in the digital space.

She is a voracious reader, and loves to keep a count of the books she has read. She was among the winners of the hugely popular Brunch Book Challenge in 2015, when she managed to read 58 books in a year! (Edit – this number rose to 97 in 2016, but 2017 is progressing abysmally for now.)

She also secretly runs a forum called ‘Unlearn’ where traditional notions, narratives and fundas are debunked by a committed group of nobodies from the city.

She has done her schooling from Laxman Public School, Bachelors in Economics (honors) from Jesus and Mary College (Delhi University, and Masters in English from Jamia Millia Islamia. In Jamia, she organised the first (and only) literary festival for the Department of English, in appreciation for which, she was given a special honour by the Head, Prof. M. Asaduddin, with hopes and wishes for a bright, literary future.


Number – 9910501935

Email – saumya.kulshreshtha@gmail.com

Twitter – @Saumyakul (https://twitter.com/saumyakul)

Instagram – saumyakul (https://www.instagram.com/saumyakul/)

LinkedIn – https://in.linkedin.com/in/saumya-kulshreshtha-2428a516


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