Dear o Dear

Dear o dear
To have feared
Was to never have lived near
The stream of strength
The locks of love
The valleys of valour
It was to have drowned
The two
In a loveless, luckless
Careless pallor.

Dear o child
How so mild
In manners and might?
Why not fight
Not for what is right
But the respite
Of being
Of belonging

Dear o son
Hush, Listen
Tales I’ve spun
Pledges taken
Songs silken
I had begun
Hoarding for you
And he who follows through
Your traces of blood

Dear o friend
Why end
And unsend
Letters inked
And written
In the invisibility of your heart
Why not keep writing
A new poem
A grand story
Each time facts turn sour
Fiction is mine
Fiction is yours

Dear o darling
Why did you stop singing
Let go of the one thing
That kept our hearts in sync
Your melody from the hills
Still chills
My bones with a loveless ache


Dear o dear
Go, fear
For then you might
Run back to me
And fight
For all that was precious and near


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