Featured: “Warriors of Change”

“Warrior of Change” is an initiative to inspire positive change in the minds of people and empower them to start their own journey through powerful stories of real people striving hard to make a difference. An initiative by Nikita Goel, it contains some beautiful narratives which will find resonance with anyone who goes about with a happy heart to create an impact – however big or small.

I was fortunate enough to have been featured here by Nikita. I had met her way back in a book launch, and she has since inundated me with the kindest words of encouragement. All I remember sharing was a genuine, warm smile with her, and what she has reciprocated with is a bucketful of hot-chocolaty feeling. Nikita is a poet/writer herself, who has a few successful anthologies to her name; ones she has edited.

Pasted below is my favourite excerpt from the interview (narcissism, aye!). If you like a little bit of what you read here, hop onto her blog to read the entire interaction!

“Don’t give into violence. Don’t give into hate. Don’t give into anyone who convinces you that our world is a bad place to live in.

Agreed, that the world is difficult, disappointing and devastating at times, even violent, but, my dear, we all belong here together. Strive to create islands of love and peace around you and hope fervently that your island keeps growing, that the peace and love of your heart spread out like an infection. Now, more than ever, it is important that kindness and goodness speak up to quell at least some shades of violence which are increasingly being normalized in our world.

And lastly, learn. Learn as much as you can, in as many ways as you can. Read, watch videos, talk to people, travel, and don’t give up this pursuit till you are convinced that never in life can a single narrative exist. That only perspective is real, rest is illusory.”

Read the full interview here.


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