Virtual Vacay – The Charming Places I Imagine!

This lockdown is not easy on anyone - let's face it. But what is helping me cope, immensely, is the capacity to day dream, to sift through memories and pluck out only the ones which make me feel warm, happy, hopeful. Travel sceneries, of course, fall on the top of the list of things I... Continue Reading →

Books 2019 – Nano Reviews

So late! So so late, but here is all that I read in the year 2019. If there is any thought these books leave in your head, be kind enough to jot it down in the comment section please.   Liberty Faber and Faber Poetry Diary Yearly ritual. Poems on one side, a neat place... Continue Reading →

Seeing PC Grow Up!

Around 2 years ago, this is what I wrote about PC, or Poets' Collective, or our baby poetry club, whose parentage I am not sure I share with how many! "Would you believe it, that exists a place on the planet, in the heart of our very own city, where - - people listen more... Continue Reading →

Nelson and Half – Books 2018

2018 was a fantastic year for reading. I read books which were awesome and only a very, very few which were awful. I covered genres aplenty and even experimented with unknown names and styles. There were books I wept into the nights with and then some, which added a lot of info to my show-it-off... Continue Reading →

Poetry Rises from Despair

Poetry rises from despair It dons the cloak of darkness To reveal fireflies With sparks of lust, love, longing, missing Each emotion A different lustre A different intensity of glow Poetry enjoys depression Fluctuating emotions When conditions, expectations Ideals and optimism Are flung off the cliff So you could be saved At the cost of... Continue Reading →

Judging A Book by its Cover

A while ago (and perhaps even now), a rather nice social media game was afoot. You were supposed to post seven of your favourite covers for seven consecutive days and tag other friends to do the same. I was asked by Anurag Vats to participate, but since I was already making my reading posts daily,... Continue Reading →

A Year of 100 Books – 2017 (Part 2)

This is the list continued after my 50th read. Since WordPress is not allowing me to make an auto-numbered list beginning with 51, here we are, counting afresh. Btw, read about my first 50 reads here! Degrees of Separation by Nilesh Mondal (51) "Just find your way home. Just take your Kohl off. Just sleep... Continue Reading →

A Year of 100 Books – 2017 (Part 1)

Reading is a habit I manically follow. Books have never disappointed me, as against everything in life. And this everything includes a Pizza. Yes. That too. I have often been called names on Social Media for this obsessive habit I have of posting about each book I read in the year. However, for every person... Continue Reading →


I left your canvas unpainted. Blank. Insipid. Storyless. Loveless. I left it incapable of color Of desire Of breathing Of recuperating from blinding white. I drowned myself in silver To fuse with your storylessness Along the sheen of stardust. Who knows This lack of stories Might be our crude form Our birth suit Our origin... Continue Reading →

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